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Hello and welcome to our new website! The Sides has been around for about 6 years already, however right now the band is in some kind of hiatus. Here you can read some info about us, listen to our songs and view pictures. Hope you like the new website and hope we’ll come up with new songs and gigs soon. See you!

Our Facebook page is down for a while, but you can drop us a line here: mail[at]

The Sides, original line-up

Our band has undergone many personnel changes. Here’s The Sides’ original and best line-up (2004-2006):
Ilya B, Arthur & Timmy K.


The Sides' reunion party

5 May 2010

The Sides will be playing at Cotton Club on 19 May to celebrate the band’s reunion. We’ll play mostly our old songs, and some of new ones, too. Everybody is welcome!

Some changes in band's line-up

14 September 2009

Once again, we are announcing a change in line-up: we have a new member, Konstantin. He’ll be our drummer. Timmy takes up the bass!

Second Gridlock Caravans' gig

24 April 2008

Although Gridlock Caravans was intended to be a one-show project, we decided to return for a second gig. We’ve even wrote a couple of new tunes. Don’t miss the event: 11 May at the Cinema museum!

The Sides teams up with Monno

19 January 2008

The Sides teams up with the band Monno to perform at Ilkhom Theatre. We are preparing lots of new material as well as reworked old songs and some covers. Date: 23 February.


Cover Girl

When I'm Not Around

Cover Girl

© 2005 Recorded and mixed by Mick Glossop at Iosis Studios




Who are The Sides? It's Arthur K. (vocals, guitars), Ilya (bass) and Timmy K. (drums). We started playing in spring 2004. On 22 July 2005 we played our first major gig at "Pool Party", after that we began playing at famous "Che Guevara" club, and throughout next 7 months we gave 11 gigs there, building our basic fan base. After that we began collaborating with British Council. Throughout 2006 we've played at several gigs and parties held by the organization. In February 2006 we performed in front of some 10,000 audience at the Festival Of Alternative Music "Creating Legends", organized by British Council. Besides, while preparing for the festival we have had a great experience of studio work with sound producer Mick Glossop, who recorded and mixed two our tracks. Later, the band went on one-year hiatus, returning to stage in july 2007, with new line-up and renewed material, giving 3 gigs, including a part in the local rock festival.

During autumn and winter 2007 the band played several shows, with some of them under the name Green House Painters. In January 2008, we started working with the fellow band, Monno, to start a new project which was eventually called Gridlock Caravans. Following the success of the first performance of the band, we held second Gridlock Caravans show in april 2008. In 2009, the line-up was once again changed, Timmy switched to bass, and new drummer was invited. The band was renamed John Malkovich. Under this name, we played a couple of shows during winter 2009-2010. In Spring 2010, the return of The Sides was celebrated with reunion gig and party, after which we announced temporary hiatus, with intention to return with some brand-new material sometime later.